Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Crete

A truer, more timeless Greece.

Expansive Spaces. Sanctuary and Seclusion.

A place that feels welcoming and safe, think of Blue Palace as your home away from home.

Stretching across 143 acres, Blue Palace has no main building but it is surrounded by bungalows, suites and villas that
are dotted around a gentle slope, leading to its impressive beach and breathtaking bay. All our rooms open up to extended
verandas, most of them with a private pool and all with beautiful views to the Aegean Sea and Spinalonga island.
Airy and spacious, are the epitome of a Mediterranean getaway. Guests can move around any area by foot, strolling
around the scented gardens or using club carts. Restaurants feature open air seating and are spread around various
levels, from higher up with beautiful views all the way down to the coastline, offering a relaxed and summery vibe with
exquisite, fresh, celebrated food.

The perfect beach is the highlight of any vacation, and here our beach is at the center of our heart.
Stretching along a 300-meter long private bay, our beach never feels crowded. Sparkling waters and a few meters across
the UNESCO-nominated Spinalonga Island.

What has set Blue Palace apart over the years and has enamored our guests is our heart-warming hospitality and our
commitment to an authentic Greek summer experience. Our commitment to a truer, more timeless Greece is not new.
And this summer more than ever, we all need authenticity and genuine care!


Why Crete Now

Temperature: 35°C high; 18°C low | Season: spring – summer – autumn
Access: benefit from numerous non-stop direct flights from European cities to Heraklion airport

Vacation may feel a bit different this year, so however you choose to spend it, we want to make sure you have the confidence you need in your destination decision.

Greece has been recognized as one of the few countries in the world that has successfully handled the Covid-19 pandemic, achieving low rates of infections, and has been lauded by major media worldwide including Bloomberg, CNN, The Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveller. And Crete, Greece’s largest island, is considered a green zone, due to the even lower rates, the high number of available hospitals and intensive care units, as well as accessibility.

As one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, Crete is loved for its captivating natural beauty, famous for its long breath-takingly beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, its villages and scenic routes leading to impressive gorges, sun-kissed olive groves and verdant vineyards; a landscape that you’ll find yourself craving to explore. Its history and sites are world-renowned and this summer, more than ever, it is time to explore the routes of our civilization.

Our Commitment to You

Dear Friends,

We have missed you at Blue Palace over the last couple of months, but we are delighted to welcome you to another wonderful season!

We have all come together to ensure that what you have loved about the Greek summer, the authentic Cretan hospitality and life at Blue Palace remains unchanged.
Here in Crete, the sun is shining, the sea and sky have this beautiful hue of blue that we all know so well, and the abundant olive-groves and verdant vineyards await to be explored.

Our commitment to you is clear: to welcome you in a safe sanctuary and to celebrate the ethos of the Greek summer, together. Please take a moment to read our protocols.

We are counting down the days to welcome you again!

Take care,
Agapi & Costantza Sbokou
co-CEOs Phāea Resorts

The Big Blue

Blue is the colour of freedom, the colour of most people’s dreams…. And here, it is the colour of the reality that surrounds us.

One of the longest beaches of the island, the private beach of Blue Palace offers an absolute luxury of space and it is home to the beloved Isola Beach Club -the ideal place for beach drinks until late, while beach service is readily available for a day by the sea.

Cobalt waters and an uninterrupted views of the UNESCO-nominated Spinalonga island make this setting the most captivating. The olive tree – fringed beach, made up of round, naturally smooth white pebbles, offers a magnificent sense of spaciousness and calm while private decks ensure a pristine and soothing environment always. Uninterrupted dreams take place here, although cicadas may chime in.


Bungalows & Suites

The Blue Palace’s Bungalows & Suites are dotted around the gentle slope and accessed via airy walkaways. No elevator is needed. They open up to beautiful sun-filled verandas, most with a private pool.

Bungalows & Suites are designed for people who want to spend a lot of time relaxing in their own private space. Families can unwind with comfort and space in one of our in plenty accommodation options. Large frames open to breezy balconies, verandas with private pools, daybeds and sun loungers or larger patios that lead to wonderful gardens, all offering breathtaking views to the Aegean Sea.

The tranquil aesthetic in each individually-designed space evokes a sense of freedom and understated Greek summer chic that will make you not to want to leave.


The Haven Collection

The Haven Collection offers unforgettable experiences at our most exclusive suites & villas, that are overflowing with understated luxury for our most distinguished guests. A bespoke luxurious Greek island vacation with authentic decor, privacy and space, sparkling infinity pools, and attentive personalized services.

Private Villas (Grand Villa, Royal Blue Villa, Two Bedroom Villa) – Unique style and unrivalled privacy
Island Luxury Suites – Elegant and discreet living spaces
Two Bedroom Suites – Simple charming luxury


The Blue Palace Summer Experience

Every day of Greek summer at Blue Palace feels like a celebration!

Embark on sea adventures with our Traditional Caique Experience; visit coves that no one else can reach and find your bliss; dive, do yoga, savour canapés and Cretan wines, or let our chef barbecue the fish you’ve just caught, right before your eyes.

On Fridays, celebrate like a local with our Cretan Feast, savouring well-kept family recipes and dancing to the tunes of the Cretan lyra. Afternoon tea or cocktails are served at Arsenali Lounge Bar, while cooking classes, wine and olive oil tastings enhance your culinary experience. For that unforgettable evening, order the Anthós private dining experience at the beach and watch the sun set, welcoming the starry night.

Feel the vibe and nature of Crete. Enjoy the outdoors hiking, biking and sailing or shimmy under the stars to live music by the beach. Ask our expert Concierge to share their secrets and discover the ultimate Blue Palace Experience that resonates with your dreams.


Crete. A Whole World on a Single Island.

Our Luxury Collection Concierge team is your Destination Authority for the island and your go-to for anything in the resort or around the island.

Plunge into a different and dramatic kind of wilderness whether that’s hiking the gorges of Crete or scuba diving in the Aegean Sea. The beauties of the Cretan coastline are miraculously diverse, with beaches of powder white, silver pebbles and pink rock.

The legendary island of Spinalonga across from Blue Palace, the ancient Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaestos, Zakros and Malia, the Dikteon cave where allegedly Zeus was born and the Lassithi Plateau with its picturesque villages or the 14th and 15th century monasteries of Arkadi and Toplou, all offer fascinating evidence of Crete’s historic power and influence.


Contributing to Local Community

We know how to make good things last, and we’re eager to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. Here eating seasonal, following the Mediterranean or Cretan diet and having a strong bond with your community is not a trend but a way of life, which we support with all of our heart and efforts.

Our highlight for the season is our Phāea Farmers Program to support those of our staff who farm during the off season, while encouraging the cultivation of sustainable produce. We train our staff in organic farming methods, creating more value for their produce by giving back to the community while sourcing and receiving that produce back in our restaurants to share with our guests.

Caring for our fellow islanders, staff and friends, takes a surprising number of forms; if you wish to find out more about our activities, click below.


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